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Bishoujo Faces . Net

Welcome to JS-Kunou's Bishoujo Faces Network! A clean site for bishoujo lovers. There's not much yet to show, but I'll be adding bits over time. The reason it used to be bishoujo.net is because I got the domain paid by Microsoft Office...but now it's a subdomain, 'bishoujofaces.jskunou.net'.

This site is a fan base of bishoujo (pretty girl) characters of anime, manga and video games. It is a clean site, so just about anybody can visit without the fear of encountering "mature" content. I'll be adding official images, fan art, voice clips, MP3s, videos, profiles and even tutorials and other things. 

News & Updates

Unfortunately, I won't be updating this site very often. My priority on this site is the least. o_O;

  ·Registered domain name in July 30th, 2006.
  ·Site unofficially opened in August 10th, 2006.


Legal and Compatibilities

Site, domain and layouts JS-Kunou
Arts are from many anime, manga and video game companies. JS-Kunou does NOT own these characters in this site.
Fan arts are properties of their respective owners.
Please don't steal the layout & most content. :(
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